If you are reading this, it is very likely that you have a complicated tax-related issue.

If you are a small business owner, a non-US resident interested in doing business in US, or US expat who is worried about US tax compliance, then you are in the right place.

Confused about small-business owner tax obligations? We make sure that our clients meet important tax deadlines, file their tax returns in a timely manner, and incorporate very important tax considerations in their business decisions.

Drowning in paperwork? We keep up with developing technology and can help to set you up with a semi-automated record-keeping system that will not take too much of your time, but will still keep your records straight.

Going global? Do not be misled by the relative ease of taking your business overseas. International tax law is complex and the rules are the same whether you are a corporate giant or a small operation. Penalties are still significant, risk is high. Talk to us before you venture overseas.

Want to do business in US?  Anyone (including non-residents) can start a business in the US. Doing it right and minimizing your worldwide tax exposure is another matter. Our foreign clients rely on our knowledge and expertise in complying with their US tax obligations. And wait…there’s more: if you set up your operation right, as a non-resident, you might not  have to pay taxes in US.

Let us know what troubles you. Maybe we can help.

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